Comprehensive consulting services for your success.

Working in partnership with your company, we develop the ideal strategy and identify attractive roads to success thus maximising your company’s value.


We do not offer readymade solutions off-the-shelf, we rather stand for highly individualised consulting services. From the beginning, we prefer to work out customised solutions that are unique, practical and proven. We develop future-oriented approaches that will mobilise and enable your company to stay on the track of success, solid return guaranteed.

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Strategy consulting

The key factors for securing competitive advantages are strategic planning, the specification of long-term objectives plus the determination of adequate measures and the efficient allocation of resources. In theory, this sounds quite simple, however, the actual implementation often turns out to be rather complex. This is where our consultants come in: they have the tools and experience to support you in shaping and reshaping your ideas, evaluating them and adjusting the relevant parameters to guarantee sustainable success.

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Operational excellence

Every enterprise strives for an organisation as efficient as possible, at all levels. Inefficiencies, however, are hard to detect, often due to the fact that – over the years – organisations tend to develop a sort of habitual blindness. The key to success in achieving operational excellence often starts with a slight shifting in perspective. We/Advicum support/s you in reorganising your day-to-day business and operations in a more effective way, thus instituting continuous improvement efforts which ultimately result in perpetual business.

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Facts and figures are essential to efficient business management. However, many companies produce vast amounts of data without ever using them. It is essential to work out what kind of data on which level of detail is needed in order to safely manage a business and to spot difficulties already at an early stage. Furthermore, we also assist you in the implementation of controlling and management cockpits by providing innovative but clear and pragmatic tools, systems and reports.

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Risk management

You can only control or manage risks if you know how to identify them. Systematic and structured risk management can quickly identify and assess business risks and specific measures these risks can then be effectively reduced. We believe risk management should be an integral part of organisational processes, our approach is to work out a transparent risk-return model in close cooperation with our clients. This enables your company to introduce specific measures to minimise the negative effects of risks. Risk-transparency supports decision making, helps to minimise and control the impact of risks. What is more, risk management creates immediate value by maximising the realisation of opportunities.

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More often than not, critical economic situations are underestimated and all of a sudden a company finds itself in the middle of a crisis. Action is often taken too late – when liquidity is strained due to a series of negative financial results or equity has been consumed nearly to a full extent. Advicum restructuring management experts provide the stakeholders with a diligent evaluation of the company’s actual status, a going concern forecast and an objective assessment concerning the chances of successful reorganisation. Based on this, we work out potential courses of action, always taking into account a transparent decision making process. Advicum restructuring management supports troubled companies to stabilise, get back on track and then to return on the path of success again. In addition, we can also provide top (interim) managers to support company management during the time of transition.

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Financial restructuring

Restructuring includes a variety of measures, addressing business, structure and technology and, in particular, financial restructuring. Parallel to strategic measures Advicum also offers effective and quick assistance in this field. We analyse the financial aspects of your company and develop future-oriented financing and refinancing solutions. In addition, we establish contacts to banks and investors. Our financial restructuring is only completed when all existing problems are solved. Your company then has the means to become sustainably successful again.