Value added. On a long-term basis.

The solutions we develop do not remain concepts only but are implemented in a future-oriented way.


Many times, the effectiveness of consulting projects comes to nothing since they are lacking the implementation aspect. This is what sets Advicum apart from other consulting firms: we offer services that go beyond conventional consulting approach. We live up to our principle “Results matter”. Our approach is to support you with hands-on management services in order to add long-term value for you company.

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Interim Management

In turbulent times, companies often undergo a considerable executive brain drain. The management is forced to quickly find new, top qualified resources. In addition, the tight job market does not easily allow for the recruitment of suitable candidates, what is more, it usually takes up a considerable amount of time. To fill in this vacancy gap, we have available a pool of highly qualified, experienced interim managers, who can take over management positions at short notice. This way, a critical situation can be calmed down effectively and becomes manageable.

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Human Resource Services

Change is the only constant. Therefore, qualifications and expertise of management and staff must keep up pace with changing requirements. According to specific requirements and inspired by the classic “cafeteria system”, we can provide various flexible solutions covering all aspects of human resource services. Depending on the actual requirements, we carry out management audits, management coachings or we provide our clients the full scale of executive search. We match experience, skills and personality to your requirements and see you through the change in your management culture.

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Project Management

In order to relieve your line organisation of the workload, we can provide senior consultants with specific project management know-how. An experienced project manager considerably influences the success of a project. Project management is part of our daily work and our methods are well-proven. Even during difficult project stages Advicum project managers not only have the necessary professional expertise but also the personality to motivate the project team and steer its members even through the toughest conditions.