Are you ready for the future?

In a world of increasing complexity and overwhelming information flow – ask yourself:

Are my analyzing tools powerful enough to navigate me through the future?

Do they tell me

  • how the market will change?
  • which threats and opportunities I will face?
  • if my strategy will match the trends?

If yes – congratulations!

If not, the eMentalist should get on your list.


  • The eMentalist is the automated data scientist, which identifies opportunities and trends for your investments and your business before they become obvious.


  • The eMentalist uses the power of machine learning to extract knowledge from millions of unstructured data.  By scanning thousands of sources such as news channels, social media platforms, demographic and economic databasis it spots correlations and hidden signals.
  • It creates your big picture and defines patterns and processes from facts, trends and emotions circulating in your sector.
  • In addition the eMentalist is powered by crowd intelligence and based on this, it predicts future dynamics and impacts relevant for you – in real time!
  • You don’t even have to analyze the outcome by yourself! The smart BOT keeps you informed. It evaluates and interprets your data, alerts on upcoming topics and sums up your results.
  • The eMentalist brings you from a reactive management to a proactive decision making.

Stop following – Start leading!

Der eMentalist ist ein Start-Up, an dem Advicum-Partner beteiligt sind.

Die Underlying Magic ist eine Kombination aus Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), Natural Language Processing, Statistics & Predictive Analytics und Crowd Intelligence.

Ausgestattet mit dem Top Wissen führender internationaler Universitäten entwickelt ein Expertenteam customized AI, das sich durch die folgenden USPs auszeichnet:

  • Automatisierte Echtzeitanalysen aus multiplen Quellen (News, Libraries, statistische Datenbanken, etc.)
  • Erkennen versteckter Einflussfaktoren und Signale
  • Verstehen von Zusammenhängen & Kausalitäten
  • Prognosen zukünftiger Dynamiken
  • Verknüpfung von Artificial und Crowd Intelligence
  • Hohe Skalierbarkeit durch Automatisierung

Wo kann der eMentalist exemplarisch eingesetzt werden?

  • Objektivierte Trendanalysen und Marktprognosen
  • Wettbewerbsanalysen und Kundenpräferenzen
  • Investment Strategien (z.B. Smart Beta ETFs)
  • Strategie-Check – Korrelations- und Umfeldanalysen

Für nähere Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte Matthias Ortner.

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